Algeria (Otherwise known as French North Africa) is a large country in Africa which is mainly composed of desert with a few cities and grassland located at the coastal north next to Morocco. It is mentioned in The Zombie Survival Guide.

140-41AD Zombie Outbreaks Edit

Roman officials recorded six outbreaks in the area numbering 134 zombies. Roman forces killed them all and lost around 5 soldiers doing so. The records note that the psychological damage by the zombies drove a local family insane.

1893 Zombie Outbreak Edit

The largest zombie siege in history was recorded here after a horde of zombies from a nearby village attacked them. The local French Foreign Legion unit stationed there ran out of ammunition trying to shoot the zombies as they didn't know to shoot them in the head. They were able to get water from the local wells and had enough food to last a few years, eventually resorting to slaughtering their horses and camels to ration the meat. They used explosives, fire and stones to kill the zombies, before eventually inviting them in to trap them and escaping on their own. Upon the soldiers reporting this incident to the French Foreign Legion, they were dismissed as liars and the fort was abandoned.

1943 Zombie Outbreak Edit

After a US Army warplane was forced to land for fuel, soldiers investigated a nearby abandoned fort which turned out to be the same one from 1893. They saw hundreds of skeletons but raided the place for some supplies. They asked the local population about it but they refused to talk. After getting fuel from a town 50 kilometers away, they returned to their plane and continued their missions.