Kwang Jing-Shu is a Chinese doctor, war veteran, grandfather, chairman of the Chongqing security council and treater of Patient Zero of the global Solanum outbreak. He is also the first person interviewed by Max Brooks in World War Z.

Early Life Edit

In his late teens on early 20s, he served with the People's Liberation Army and became a dedicated communist who memorized quotes by Mao. He served with Gu Wen Kuei as medics in the Chinese-Russian border clashes in 1969. He was a highly successful medic and after leaving the army became a civilian doctor working in rural areas. He was very cynical about Chinese society, very distrustful of the Ministry of State Security and felt Chinese people had lost touched, were obsessed with money and status and had become very arrogant.

Later Life Edit

He became the first person to be sent to investigate Patient Zero after the zombie boy had attacked seven people in a small village. He went to the small house the boy was in and restrained him, observing his wounds which filled him with fear. He contacted his friend Gu Wen Kuei at the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Chongqing University, and his friend notified the government and told him to stay away. After the Ministry of State Security arrived at the scene, they arrested all witnesses. As China became more and more unstable and outbreaks became more common, he escaped from prison. At some point, he returned the Chongqing and helped form a local security council in charge of cleaning the streets of rubble and stopping zombie outbreaks.