Tanzania is a country in south-east Africa. It is mentioned in The Zombie Survival Guide.

1905 Zombie Sighting Edit

There was a trial conducted here after a black man murdered a German man. The trial's lawyer claims that the man believed he was protecting his village from a disease which causes cannibalism. The lawyer uses this to claim insanity but African men could not use this defense, and he was sent to execution by hanging. In the words of the lawyer:

"Simon’s [The Accused] people believe that a malady exists that robs the life force from a man. In its place is left the body, dead yet still living, without sense of self or surroundings and with only cannibalism as its drive...Furthermore, the victims of this undead monster will rise from their own graves to devour even more victims. This cycle will be repeated, again and again, until none is left upon our Earth but these horrible flesh-eating monstrosities...My client tells that the victim in question returned to his base camp two days behind schedule, his mind delirious and an unexplained wound on his arm. Later that day he expired...My client then describes Herr Seekt [The Murder Victim] rising from his deathbed to set his teeth upon the rest of his party. My client used his native blade to decapitate Herr Seekt and incinerate his head in the campfire."